Welcome to THE PURPLE MONKEY website!   We're now offering a Shop Online opportunity.  Simply click on "Products (Shop online)" and click on any of the pictures or category names and you'll be in our Shopping Cart Program.  From there you can browse any category and add items to your cart and pay via Paypal and we will ship it to your door. As much as we'd like to offer all our products online, there will always be more in the shop than we can offer online so, if you make it to Henderson, NV, we invite you to browse our two stores on Water Street.  We promise to make it an exceptional experience.  


People travel from as far as California, Arizona and Utah to see the wide selection of handcrafted items from jewelry to kitchen items to fashion.  


When it's holiday time, you'll be amazed at what our crafters can do.  


If you need something personalized, we have an embroiderer who will personalize any item in the store for free and anything else will be only $5.


Summer Hours Beginning Sunday May 29,2016 Tuesday-Saturday 10:00am - 5pm  Closed Sunday and Monday